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Acres monitored


Sensors in the field

+2 million

litters of water saved every year.


Crop management is no longer simply putting water in the ground periodically and hoping for the best. Farmers today are concerned with water efficiency, runoff, utility costs, plant health, sustainability, and how to produce the best possible yield. It is becoming increasingly important to make the most of every resource and input to save farmers valuable time and money while allowing them to reap the rewards of improved plant health and performance. When a farmer invests in the right technology and uses it correctly, it can affect future generations. After all, there is more at stake than just that year's harvest.

At Metzoo, everything we do aims to protect the most valuable natural resource, water, while providing farmers with the technology they need to get the most out of their crops. Farmers are constantly trying to improve crop yields and health.


From hardware and sensors to Cloud and artificial intelligence, here at Metzoo, we are continually adopting new technologies and evolving our product to an ever-changing technology landscape, all combined to make sustainable farming possible.







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