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Irrigating Fields

Acting vs Reacting

Farmers are constantly looking on ways to make sure the crops are healthy and they get the most out of the growing season for their crops.


Climate conditions, Soil conditions, a broken pipe or even the amount of fertilizer applied to the crops can determine the quality and quantity of the yields.

Metzoo is more than just collecting data from several data sources (including the solar-powered Metzoo Smart Agriculture device), it's about combining all this information in a way that is useful for the farmer, leveraging machine learning algorithms to predict certain conditions, providing pre-processed metrics and data outputs to which farmers can act on immediately.

On top of the data provided by Metzoo, it allows farmers to manage their day to day operations, allowing them the team day to day work and to monitor progress, giving farmers a 360 view of their entire operations.

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Crops where Metzoo Smart Agro is deployed: Asparagus, Corn, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Wine Grapes.

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