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Irrigating Fields

Real-Time Remote Monitoring

Farmers spend countless hours each month driving to their different fields, checking moisture levels and turning on and off irrigation valves. This costs time, money and can be very water and labour inefficient.

However, with Metzoo Smart Agro, solar-powered monitoring solution, growers don't even have to leave their pickup truck to get precise data of their crops - they can do it using our cloud-connected devices and web dashboard. Metzoo uses different sources of information, sensors and IoT technology to make it easy to remotely and precisely monitor irrigated fields.

Smaller than a lunchbox, Metzoo Smart Agro devices transmits data to the cloud and is powered by a tiny solar cell, which means no maintenance! It is paired with several sensors (depending on the type of Crops) for monitoring. Using our online Dashboard, growers can see whats happening in their fields 24/7, delivering exactly the right amount of water at the right time--all without wasting time or gas driving to field-to-field monitoring the irrigation systems. This precise irrigation also leads to improved water efficiency, less leaching and run-off, and can improve crop yield and quality.

Crops where Metzoo Smart Agro is deployed: Asparagus, Corn, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Wine Grapes.

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