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Metzoo Smart Agro is an autonomous agriculture monitoring and management system that collects and sends data from the soil and environment to a user-friendly dashboards powered by machine-learning, Metzoo Smart Agro is an IoT solution that helps farmers increase efficiency and sustainability. 

The challenge

Water is a precious resource, and with 70% of freshwater being used for agriculture globally, the pressure to use it sustainably is greater than ever before. Agricultural engineers were determined to find a way to optimize water consumption and increase crop yields while still meeting the growing demand for food.

But they knew they couldn't do it alone - they needed a technology partner who shared their vision for a more sustainable future.

The results

That's where Metzoo Smart Agro came in. With their IoT devices and sensors, they were able to help Salentein, one of the largest wineries in Argentina, save up to 15% on water consumption while also significantly increasing crop yields.

These devices and sensors were designed to function autonomously in harsh conditions, collecting valuable data that was then processed using machine learning to surface insights that farmers and agricultural engineers could use to improve the care of their crops.

Thanks to Metzoo Smart Agro, Salentein was also able to provide accurate data about their water consumption to the Water Footprint Certification authorities, which allowed them to access local tax incentives for export products and improve their margins.

The impact that Metzoo Smart Agro has made is undeniable, and we are proud to continue partnering with them on new generations of the Smart Agro system.

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