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Irrigating Fields

Water-Use Efficiency

When we talk about intensive irrigation farming, there is a strong relationship between plant productivity, water use sustainability.


There are four factors that every irrigation planner has to take into consideration:


  • Frequency (How often the water arrives at the plants?);

  • Rate (How much water flows per unit of time?);

  • Duration (How long is the flow rate delivered?);

  • Timeliness (Does the water arrive when the crop needs it?)


That last component of the equation is the one that impacts the most not only on productivity but also on the environment. Understanding how much water you need to deliver to the crops depends on many variables, evapotranspiration (ET0, ETC), dew point, Soil Matric potential, and many other factors.


Metzoo provides all the variables you need to become more efficient with water usage, helping your business reduce energy costs, detect irrigation problems before they impact your crops, improve your yield, and, most importantly, protect one of the most precious resources: Water.

Crops where Metzoo Smart Agro is deployed: Asparagus, Corn, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Tree Nuts, Wheat, Wine Grapes.

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